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Email management made easy



It is overwhelming to open the mail box everyday with overflowing mails for you to check and reply. It doesn’t end there. Constant influx of mails drops in throughout the day as well. Emails are the best communication tools widely used for quick responses and solutions. Small changes in the way you work can help you better organized and saves time. Here are some simple tips to manage your mails in minimum time.



  1. The “Two minute rule”

Following the two minute rule, a concept introduced by David Allen in his book Getting Things Done, helps you prioritize your reading and response regime. When a mail can be read and replied in two minutes, you can do it immediately. The ones that take a longer duration can be put into a folder and done at a specified time of the working hours.

  1. Use labels and folders

Prioritize your mails using label and folders by categorizing them based on importance. Provide a neat system to keep your communications organized and effective in the long run. This can be done by setting up filters that automatically sorts out your mails to their respective folders.

  1. Email etiquette

Develop a good work culture, making sure your team or employees are aware of the importance of mailing and using it appropriately. A long, detailed mail that takes time to read is a “No-No” unless it was requested by the management. A phone call or a personal discussion at your desk should be encouraged. The mails have to be focused, to the point and easy to read and respond. This way the employees can work together towards an efficient performance and productivity.

  1. Unsubscribe!

Advertisements, newsletters and bulk mails that flood your inbox can be irritating. They tend to bury your important communications that may need attention. ‘Unsubscribe’ these mails to ensure no further communications from them.

  1. Observe the Email Triage

Get into action once you open a mail and choose to respond to it ‘immediately’ or ‘task it for later’ or ‘archive it’. The ones that deserve the delete button are simultaneously trashed. This way your mails are attended to and you will not have the hazard of confronting enormous mails at a time.

Hope these tips are useful timesavers! Happy mailing!

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